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Airistech Viva

Airistech Viva

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Product no.:102264
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Viva by Airistech

Upgraded technology in a classic shell – Viva by Airistech.
A few years ago Viva has come the vaporizer market with its practical features and discreet design. With a perfect ratio between quality and price – Viva is perfect for beginners and advanced vapers.

In spite of its small size, the Viva vaporizer has all the features of a premium device, as it offers more than one hour of uninterrupted use with its battery, while the innovative high-speed ceramic heating chamber ensures the best evaporation of the herbs, the vapor, which is well cooled down in the innovative mouthpiece before the inhalation.

Ceramic heating chamber

The ceramic heating chamber is heated at a set temperature within 10-25 seconds (depending on the settings), due to the nature of the materials almost eliminate the possibility of burning (burnt herbs).

In addition to better steam quality and faster (10-25 sec.) preparation of the device for use, the ceramic heating chamber also offers other advantages such as "energy saving", as the ceramic heating oven in the Viva, it cools slower and keeps the operating temperature even after off. This option occurs exactly in situations where the device is shut down due to the security system (after 5 minutes of use), but if we would like to continue the evaporation even though we did not immediately notice that the device needs to be re-activated.
Vaporizer Viva offers high-quality and aromatic steam, which also positively surprises experienced users with many years of experience. Due to the possibility of precise temperature setting (from 149°C to 224°C), which the device remembers after switching off, each user can customize the level, power and vapor density he wants. Due to the innovative quick-heating ceramic chamber, the herbs are evaporated for 10-25 seconds after switching on, and the heating mode without direct contact with the heating elements enables the production of high-quality steam, which can only be compared with a pair of the world's best quality vaporizers. Despite the small size of the device, the mouthpiece is long enough to allow the couple to cool down before inhaling, mixing it with fresh air.
Viva has additional vents at the top of the device (under the mouthpiece) to prevent overheating of the device and at the same time to supply fresh air for better steam quality.

Quality OLED Display

A high-quality OLED display shows the battery level, the currently set temperature and the desired temperature, which device reaches a few seconds after switching on. During heating to the desired temperature, the word "heat" appears on the screen, which means heating, but when the desired temperature reaches, it tells the user the word "warm", which means that the device is heated and suitable for the start of inhalation.

Maintenance and discrete of the device

Despite the fact that Viva is one of the smallest and lightest pocket vaporizers on the market, it can boast of superior specifications and a good battery.
Dimensions: 130 x 27 x 27mm
Weight: only 70g
The vaporizer will not be disturbed in any pocket or purse, and as such, it is one of the most discrete vaporizers on the market.

Additional benefits

In addition to its small size, attractiveness and visual appeal, Viva also has many other advantages.
The buttons of the device are illuminated and suitable for night use. When the device is switched on / during warming, the buttons illuminate flashing. When the device is ready, they stop blinking.
Together with the device, you get a USB charger. In the accessories box, there is also a small bag, where you can put all the needed accessories on-the-go.
Viva is also compatible with dry herb pods by Focusvape and Flowermate.  

Quick tips and instructions

- Remove the mouthpiece with the "break" in the back of the device, as indicated in the instructions. Do not remove the mouthpiece otherwise, as shown.
- Under the mouthpiece there is a heating chamber or an oven into which you put ready-made herbs.
- Place between 0.1g and 0.4g of ground dried herbs (granulate: 1-5mm).
- To activate the device, quickly press the main button Φ five times in a row
- To pre-set the Fahrenheit device (° F) to Celsius (° C), simultaneously press and hold (2-5sec) the main button Φ and the temperature-down button, marked with -

Viva delivery scope:

  • Viva Vaporizer
  • USB Charging cable
  • Dab tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • 3 spare sieves
  • Storage bag
  • Instructions for use

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Airistech Viva
Airistech Viva

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