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BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set

BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set

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Product no.:202056
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BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set

CFC 2.0 is the improved version of the popular Boundless CFC

The Boundless CFC 2.0 is the latest and improved version of the classic Boundless CFC that we all know and love. This device proves that a great vaporizer does not have to be expensive or big at all.

Full temperature control

The CFC 2.0 offers degree-precise temperature control from 60 ° C to 230 ° C. The temperature settings are displayed on a sharp OLED screen.
The CFC is a real powerhouse - within about 20-30 seconds, the Boundless CFC 2.0 is at the desired temperature and you're ready to steam High-quality materials

High qualtiy materials

The Boundless CFC 2.0 is made of high quality materials. The herbal chamber is made of ceramic and holds up to 0.5g of material. The device is protected by a medical and food safe plastic housing.

Handy and discreet

When it comes to stealth, the CFC 2.0 is one of the best vapes ever. The CFC 2.0 is ultra-discreet, compact and lightweight - an ideal device for mobile use. The device has textured grooves and ridges that provide a stable and comfortable grip while keeping the device cool.


Water pipe compatible - good news for those who like their water-cooled steam! The CFC 2.0 is compatible with your favorite water piece. With the supplied water filter / bubbler you can connect your CFC 2.0 to any water filter, such as the Honey or Aquavape². Improved air circulation - the redesigned mouthpiece is completely heat-resistant and has a greatly improved airflow for amazingly thick, smooth clouds of steam. Ergonomic Grip - The CFC 2.0 has a compact, rugged design with textured grooves for comfortable hand placement.

How to use the Boundless CFC 2.0?

Pull the mouthpiece away from the unit to reach the heating chamber (make sure the unit is off when you do it). Fill the bowl with up to 0.5 g of finely ground herb. Put the mouthpiece back in its place. To turn on the device, press the circle button five times. The OLED screen displays the temperature and automatically heats up to the previously used temperature setting. You can adjust the temperature using the two buttons on the back of the unit. Each click increases or decreases the temperature by one degree. The unit automatically turns off after five minutes.

AquaVape³ water filter with 14er-cut

This accessory is a must for anyone who wants to use our various vaporizers for added efficiency and performance. The water filter is made of the highest quality borosilicate glass and ensures that the steam is even cooler and therefore better for your neck and lungs.

What is the advantage of using a water filter with a vaporizer?

Since the steam is additionally filtered, it is cooled down immediately after production and freed from any final impurities. The steam is thus much cleaner and fresher and the inhalation is almost pollutant free.
The water filter can be used with the right adapter with many different vaporizers.

ATTENTION: Vaporizers are mostly electronic. Therefore, they must not come into contact with water. Please do not add too much water and do not keep the water filter at an angle, so that no water leaks! Before putting on the vaporizer, please check that the cut is dry and that no water can run into the vaporizer or heating chamber!

Improvements of the AquaVape³ compared to the AquaVape²:

  • Two-piece with cap: easy filling and easier cleaning
  • High quality and thick borosilicate glass
  • Smaller, slimmer and better to handle
  • Optimal amount of water is held and the perk slots are completely covered
  • Nevertheless, no high splash of water ... the mouth stays dry
  • Accurate 14mm cut (no wobbling)

AquaVape³ vaporizer waterfilter Details:

  • Height: 125 mm
  • Diameter: 30 mm
  • water filtration
  • a lot of percolators
  • Borosilicate glass / glassware
  • 14er inside cut (14.5 mm)


  • 1 Boundless CFC 2.0 vaporizer
  • 1 AquaVape³ Bubbler
  • 1 water filter adapter
  • 2x screens for the mouthpiece
  • 3x sieves for the herbal chamber
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 user manual

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BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set
BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set
BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set
BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set
BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set
BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set
BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set
BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set
BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set
BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 Vape im AquaVape³-Set

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