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FENiX Vaporizer


FENIX convection vaporizer

The FENIX is a new convection vaporizer for herbs and waxes / concentrates / oils from the manufacturer "Weecke".

Patented convection system
In convection (as opposed to conduction) the heating of the air takes place before and not through the heating chamber. Vaporizers with convection heating systems are characterized by the fact that they do not lead to a draw resistance (which often manifests itself in pinched jaws) in order to regulate the air supply. The powerful heating element already ensures (almost) free passage and makes the whole evaporation experience much more pleasant.

Special Smoke Intelligent Identification and Sensor Protection
Through this function, the steam is generated evenly and completely without any combustion. Through the many small holes of the FENIX the hot air is sucked in and the herb evaporates evenly and effectively. The steam offers a pure taste.

4 temperature levels
The FENIX offers 4 different temperature settings: 170 ░ C, 180 ░ C, 190 ░ C and 210 ░ C, which is sufficient for most herbs.

Completely isolated air duct
The air is drawn through the metal path during inhalation without coming into contact with electronic parts. The result is a pure and safe evaporation experience.

Herbs and concentrates evaporable
The supplied concentrate / wax or oil capsule also allows waxes and concentrates to evaporate.

Mouthpiece with magnetic closure and easy cleaning
The removable mouthpiece has a magnetic closure and is easy to clean.

Details of the FENIX:
- Patented parallel convection technology
- Premium heating chamber with convection heating technology
- intelligent steam identification module
- Intelligent sensor: protection to prevent combustion
- fast heat-up time of only 20 -30 seconds
- 4x2 multi-shift function
- 2 different inhalation modes: "gentle" and "extended"
- Input: DC 5 V / 1 A
- Battery capacity: 2200 mAh (LG Class A lithium battery)
- Dimensions: 111 mm x 28 mm x 58 mm
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