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Focusvape AquaVapeČ Set *Cold Blue*

Focusvape AquaVapeČ Set *Cold Blue*

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Product no.:201951
Shipping time:1-2 Days
Informations:For further information, please visit the homepage of this product.
Focusvape AquaVapeČ Water Filter Set - Green *Leather Design*
Focusvape: Everything the vapor heart will desire!
The new Focusvape is an absolute world's first: 6 temperature levels, a sealed air duct that is separated from the electronics, an airflow control system, a ceramic heating chamber, changeable battery and a vibration system are just some of the impressive aspects and only some of the features offered by this new vaporizer.
Elegant design and high-quality workmanship
The Focusvape has been designed to correspond with the highest demands. A particular focus was placed on not just improving the appearance which would create no further benefit. This has helped ensure that Focusvape retains its slim look and remains portable.
The incorporated materials stainless steel, ceramic and borosilicate glass are of the highest quality. Beyond this the entire workmanship reaches the highest standards. One is able to feel, see and taste it.
New improved ceramic heating system for even thicker clouds of steam
The Focusvape has a heating chamber made of medical grade ceramic. This ensures pure steam and pure taste.
The specially finished thin wall of the ceramic heating chamber allows ultra-fast heating of just 30 seconds. So you do not have to wait forever until you can use the Focusvape, but sets off after a short time.
6 temperature levels
Focusvape offers a new and flexible temperature control system that has 6 preset temperatures and covers all possible application options: 160°C, 170°C, 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, 220°C. Focusvape is able to reach all these temperatures in record speed.
Airflow Control System
With the 3 airflow holes it is possible for Focusvape to regulate the air supply. This is a feature many vaporizer users desire and what is finally being provided with Focusvape.
Sealed Air Duct
A further key characteristic of Focusvape is the air duct that is separated from the air duct. This ensures that you only breathe in the aspirated air from the 3 airflow holes - without being subject to the danger of electro smog. With Focusvape one can enjoy a pure vapor experience!
Vibration system
Focusvape will not only show with the LED when the preset temperature has been reached but also when you can start with the vaporization. It signals it through vibration. You will always know on time when the device is ready. This prevents the material vaporizing without you inhaling it. This will help you make substantial savings!
Replaceable battery with high capacity (2500 mAh)
The standard battery is already very durable. A changeable battery is another important feature of Focusvape and guarantees flexibility at all times. The replaceable and customary battery (18650-Standard) is also considerably cheaper when compared with the batteries of other vaporizers. The battery can be constantly changed everywhere.
Mouthpiece made of robust borosilicate glass
As mouthpieces made of plastic often distort the taste Focusvape has a mouthpiece made out of patented and highly durable Pyrex borosilicate glass.

Conclusion: Der Focusvape is a great and flexible vaporizer for thick steam clouds. The many features in their entirety are not offered by other vaporizers. This vaporizer has been designed to meet the high demands professionals would expect. That is achieved by Focusvape with bravura! We are utterly convinced by Focusvape and recommend it without reservation.

AquaVapeČ Water Filter Set

The AquaVapeČ Water Filter Set can easily and swiftly be attached to your Focusvape. For this instead of the original mouthpiece the water filter adapter made of glass is screwed on. Afterwards the AquaVapeČ is put on the adapter. The clean made connection provides for a secure fit.

The AquaVapeČ water filter comprises of high-quality borosilicate glass The adapter is also made out of borosilicate glass.
Experience a completely new and clean vapor experience with our AquaVapeČ.
PLEASE NOTE: Vaporizer are mostly electric appliances. For this reason they must not come into touch with water. Please don't fill in too much water or tilt the water filter too much so that no water leaks! Before putting it on the vaporizer please check if the cut is dry and no water can enter the vaporizer or heating chamber!
Focusvape Details:
  • New and sophisticated designed vaporizer with many great and some new features
  • new ultra-fast ceramic heating system
  • Short heating time of only 30 seconds
  • 6 temperature levels: 160°C, 170°C, 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, 220°C
  • Airflow system: you regulate the air supply!
  • Sealed air duct
  • Vibration system
  • Glass mouth piece
  • In sophisticated leather design
  • Rechargeable via USB cable
  • Elegant gift packaging in white (outside) and green (inside)
AquaVapeČ Water Filter Details:
  • Height: 130mm
  • Diameter: 35mm
  • Water filtration
  • Very many percolations
  • Borosilicate glass / lab glass
  • 14" inside cut (14.5 mm)
Water Filter Adapter Details:
  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • 14" cut
  • 1x FocusVape Vaporizer - Colour: *Cold Blue* *Leather Design* in elegant gift packaging - newest version
  • 1x AquaVapeČ Water filter made of lab glass 14" cut
  • 1x Water filter adapter made of lab glass 14" cut
  • 1x battery 2500 mAh
  • 2x Pyrex glass mouth piece
  • 4x sieves for the mouth piece (1x already installed)
  • 1x cleaning kit comprising of brush and tools
  • 4x alcohol wipes
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x multilingual and detailed operation manual also in English


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Focusvape AquaVapeČ Set *Cold Blue*
Focusvape AquaVapeČ Set *Cold Blue*
Focusvape AquaVapeČ Set *Cold Blue*
Focusvape AquaVapeČ Set *Cold Blue*
Focusvape AquaVapeČ Set *Cold Blue*
Focusvape AquaVapeČ Set *Cold Blue*
Focusvape AquaVapeČ Set *Cold Blue*
Focusvape AquaVapeČ Set *Cold Blue*

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